To tell you the truth, I didn’t think I’d be writing this post.

So, bye.

Okay, I am only kidding!

Last week, we had an amazing session dancing our heart away in Divine Love and we are still overwhelmed from how much all of us enjoyed it. Isn’t this what happens when we leave our minds at the door? When the heart takes over and nothing else exists, it is blissful.

I am back again to propose a second round of Dance Your Heart Away, to help lift our spirits. The idea is to feel fulfilled, energised, so that we can be established in faith to lift those around us. If you have benefitted from the first session on 2nd May, you are welcome to join us again this week. To have an idea about what you’re in for, please check out this video here.

If you haven’t got the moves, it’s okay. I don’t either, but there are some new rules to follow this week:

1. The Lord will be your only lover. 

2. No frowns are allowed. Absolutely none.

3. A molar to molar smile is mandatory.

4. You must dance like your life depends on it.

5.  Let your palms catch fire,
     Let your arms burn,
     And let your legs give up on ya,
     But no matter what,
     Hold on to THAT gorgeous smile!

So, if and only if, you are ready to abide by these rules, then join us!!

Here’s how it will go:

1. Along with a few friends, a virtual dance session will take place at 7.30pm IST on Saturday 8th May.

2. Click on the Zoom link in the comments section below to join the session.

3. Anyone can join in. Videos and audio will ideally be off.

4. If you feel that your family will be interested to dance with you, make space and dance.
    Or, you think they’ll call you crazy (which is a sign of spiritual progression), then close the door, plug your earphones and dance away.

5. We will play the music and you just have to dance away in remembrance of the lord! The only one who will get your attention is The Lord!

Your beloved lord within is ready for a great dance session, just you and Her, just you and Him. Are you ready? No mind is allowed. If you join in, you must dance! The purpose is to forget all our inhibitions and evoke gratitude within us.

So, if you’re in, we’ll see you at 7.30pm IST on Saturday 8th May!!! You don’t need any dancing shoes or fancy clothes Let’s just turn up with an intent to dance and lose ourselves.

Even having feet is optional, but dance you must! Be at ease, and dance away just like a leaf, as Swami says:

The more at ease you are with yourself, the greater your inner peace remains unaffected by what goes around you and you will enjoy life. Like any leaf on a tree, when you remain connected to the source, you dance when it is windy ….

So, if you’re in, drop me a comment below, or not. Meanwhile let me rest my legs till Saturday:)

P.S: Gratitude to the buddies for helping organize again (whether they know about it or not(jk!))