First of all, I want to thank every  family member for your love and blessings for my last post.  I am feeling overwhelmed.

Today I am thinking about sharing something light with you all which will bring a smile to your face for sure. I have many funny incidents to share with all of you. I am repeating that I am not good with jokes but I hope I will bring a smile to your face with real-life incidents.

A few years ago, my sister and I used to live with our maternal grandmother. For a small family of only three people did not need to cook so much food. 250Gram, the vegetable was enough. My granny asked me to buy ladyfinger 250 Grams and I came back with 500 gram. My granny was sitting at entrance of our home like old people used to sit in villages. She with her angry face said,  “500gram tere nasa ch pania ja jake modke aa” (What I will do with 500 gram, should I put them in your nose so go back and return) this will be funny for those who can read Punjabi and understand Punjabi. At that moment I got angry but now whenever I and my sister talk about that moment we laugh a lot together. Thank god I was a child at that time.

Flex? No, Its slex
As I mentioned earlier also about my s and f problem, I just remember the funniest moment again. My granny asked me buy slex for her.  I went to a local shop for buying. I asked him to give me Slex and he said you will get that in book shop. Then I asked again no, nani asked me to buy here.  Then he repeatedly asked me then fedup me asked my sister for the help. After explaining to her, he got what I wanted. He thought I am asking for a flex so he was asking me to go to the book shop.

My birthday cake in the hostel
I love my birthday because I receive so much love, blessings, most important gifts on my day.  I love surprises. My friend Lavanya wanted me to surprise me with a cake.  She was bringing the cake and I saw her. Unfortunately she saw me and she ran faster than Usain Bolt. Crazy me also ran after her  like a mad but she locked herself in the room and said its chicken. She knew that I am a vegetarian and she took benefit of that. What she did with that cake in the night only I know.

For this time, this is enough I think. I have so many things to share will share. I hope, I successfully brought a smile to your face.

Life is easy. Take it easy. Just flow with it.

Keep Smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om

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