Before writing this blog i seek sincere forgiveness from Swamiji and mother Divine for writing experience of some co devotees and not being a direct victim or target of being befooled aswell i dont know how truthful every time was this individual s stories! What pushes a person to cheat an innocent, trustworthy, large hearted and humble Person? Is he too cunning or too much in trouble to tell the truth or if he ll honestly tell a co devotee that he is in deep financial crisis will a kind hearted not help him? So the current Gentleman i m writing about is in some of the common social watts app or face book groups as many of Swamiji s devotees ! We all love to hear glories, dreams, experiences and how we met him tales of Swamiji and fellow devotees !So as soon as any co devotee that too an initiate asks for any help all Om Swami community rushes for help be in legal ,medical, travel booking luggage keeping or any emotional support too.The said devotee mentioned to 5 different fellow devotees at different times to lend him money for x number of months or be a guarantor for him when he takes loan since he met an accident or his business had failed or his wife was extremely sick and his brother had befooled him so he has no house and needs to pay his rent or grocery bills or medical expenses. Swamiji and his community is extremely compassionate and non judgemental, even whenever i have approached any one to pay medical bills of some below poverty-stricken poor patients all have helped each time! This only my conscious and character knows that i ensure that each penny is utilized by neediest of needy! But befooling and then not returning money as petty as 1,000 rs is unpardonable! I wrote all this for yesterday some one said he is making Swamiji s name bad! Please oh God give this person satt buddhi and forgive all his bad karmaas.