In a lifetime we read a lot of works by others, comics, textbooks, tail stories, textbooks, professional course material, fiction, autobiographies and many more. We try to learn new things, try to implement new thoughts which are put in our minds by others, we make habits and make commitments, but what we forget is that we were born complete and one thing that is to be read in your life. Life is worth reading. Notice each breath, each step, each movement of your body, and life won’t be the same after that.

It is not about teaching but about monitoring how our body functions and how our day-to-day activities go on as to which we are not paying attention. If you are just mindful of your thoughts you will find how quick these come and go, and how fast your thinking process is, in a matter of seconds we have millions of thoughts. I still remember when I first glanced at the power of the subconscious mind.

With the passage of time and so many thoughts that are fed into our minds by people around us, we forgot to remember how we should live, what is the natural law of life and how people can live in the way they have been working for 24 hours. Monitor a kid say just 1 year old and the way these creatures breathe is the best way to learn, the way they walk, the way they eat every act of the kids is mindful.

Ever happened to you when you forgot something in your house and you ask your kid baby to have you seen this and tada in a fraction of a minute the product is in your hand, the reason that these being are in perfect harmony with nature. They are mindful and they are present in the moment. They would be hyperactive but only when they are playing otherwise, they are just as perfect as a trained meditator.

The question that is in mind is what is the reason why these kids are ever energetic and full of life. Have you ever seen them breathe they have full breaths, deep breathing which is said to be by the yoga experts? They have their stomachs filled with air and when they walk, they are mindful it is not that they are just doing work they are walking as if they are feeling every step and the moment of the body with each step.

The question still remains as to why these habits which are inbuilt or are as a default setting in our system, the calm, fun-loving, mindful and creative individual ruins their basic nature and becomes a machine with the passage of time and then at a later age the so-called society which first stuffs us with the expectations will start tagging us as an egoist, self-centred, materialistic and many other names.

Why is it so that we have to compromise with our nature and first learn and then unlearn the ethics and culture of the society which is then replaced with the new norm and then comes the time when there is a complete overhaul of the society and people call elders as cynical? We compromise our basic nature, to learn the culture of society and then when we get adjusted to it, a new norm replaces the old and makes us vintage. Think and respond.