Since childhood you were in my mind,

But i never felt in that way,

The way i am feeling now.

Losing you was just an another memory for me,

But now i feel that loss.

I cannot see your picture,

Just because i cannot handle my emotions,

But you know i love you.

I don’t know your dreams for me,

I even did not get chance to know you well,

But mom after all i am your part,

And i know i am making you proud.

I always tried to find you in another women,

But mom it’s not easy,

I do have a person who loves me like you,

But still i miss you. 

I never understood,

Why people say mother is a mother,

But i think now i can understand. 

I really wish i could be able to feel you,

I could have done something for you.

Maa i don’t know where you are,

But sometimes i try to find you in stars,

Although i don’t believe in this theory,

But you know sometimes i want to,

Sometimes i feel like you will come,

Like in tv shows parents give surprise to their kids,

You will also do, 

I wish this could happen. 

Keep smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om

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