I wrote a series of travelling related articles for ‘ #TheWriteChoice ‘ challenge but i am not at all a traveler or a person having wanderlust. I just wrote a little about my city-Ludhiana, briefly about my Nani’s city- Saharanpur and mostly about the place where i have been to so many times, which is Haridwar. In the last 10 years, i will tell you where i have travelled to in every year. In 2011 and 2012, i had gone to Haridwar. In 2013 also, we were planning to go to Haridwar but Uttarakhand Trasdi (devastation) happened, so we couldn’t travel there. I had gone to Braj Bhoomi and Agra with my Taujee’s family that year. In year 2014,2017 and 2018; we again travelled to Haridwar. I didn’t go to anywhere in 2015, 2016. From August 2018 till now, i haven’t travelled anywhere for travelling sake and i no longer have any desire to travel to anywhere as well. Even i don’t have a desire to travel to Haridwar as visiting it so many times, it has lost its charm for me. The excitement, freshness and curiosity that gets flown in one’s heart by visiting a new place when travelling is very different than compared to visiting the same place uncountable times. I also want to confess that i have travelled and explored Haridwar more than my home city- Ludhiana. I didn’t wanted to share my journey and travels but this #TheWriteChoice challenge compelled me to write about it.

The only place that i have a desire to travel to is ‘Sri Badrika Ashram’ which is situated in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. I want to travel there to meet and pay my obeisance to Sri Hari, Om Swami Ji and his kind disciples. I also want to confess that i haven’t been to Sri Badrika Ashram but i want to as soon as this pandemic gets over and it is safe to travel. But any place other than ‘Sri Badrika Ashram’ is not worth visiting and travelling for me in terms of my time, energy and enthusiasm.

Jai Sri Hari!



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