Riya, I need to talk to you my best friend said on another call. I said OK, tell me. She said I don’t want to do what I am doing now. I confirmed if she was talking about her course, and I was right. She wants to quit that. Hearing that, I was shocked, and she asked my advice. That was my best friend, whom I consider my sister.

We always want our loved ones to succeed, and at the same time, we want to see them happy. So, I wanted to make sure that she should get the right decision. So, I asked her to call one of my very close people who has been into the same course and took something similar she wants to take, and now that person is doing great. That person guided her well; hopefully, she is on the right path.

We get so confused at a young age, thanks to the modern era. We have so many options these days, and choosing one is tricky. We all need the proper guidance, and we need the right person.

As swami ji says, take direction from someone who has the experience and has been successful in the same. I learnt this the hard way. I used to take guidance from many people, which confused me. What happens, in the end, is we end up wasting time with each other. So, always take guidance from someone who has an experience in the same thing. If you feel satisfied, please follow, and if you don’t feel then you can move to another person but remember the “ Experience.” For example, if you need guidance regarding writing, go to a successful writer; if you need business advice, go to a successful business person.

Please don’t forget to make Plan B. So, keep moving. Listen to your heart. Whenever you are confused, or you have a plan, do one thing, make a list. Write the benefits and drawbacks of both things, then conclude. If you are still confused, then go to another person.  First, take some advice from yourself. You know yourself better.  Keep walking the path. 

Keep smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om

Image credit: NPR