There are days of darkness and gloom when we are really pissed off in our lives. However spiritual we may be, however positive we may try to stay, let’s admit that there are days when nothing really works. Everything around us seems to be crumbling apart and the sand hills built in our minds melt away. And we start losing hope ounce by ounce. But even in the midst of such turbulence, there is something in us that doesn’t let us get swayed away with our woes. There is always a candle glowing within the crevices of our mind that simply denies leaving hope.

Some say it is our conscience, popularly known as ‘gut-feeling’ that knows well what is right for us and what is not. Some believe that it is God speaking to us and illuminating us in our respective paths. It doesn’t matter how much overwhelmed we might be by our emotions, there is someone who keeps on whispering a proverb “This too shall pass” into our heart. Well, I believe it is the divine mother who whispers to me subtle truths even in the midst of adversities. She is always there to cradle her children in hers arms and protect us from vulnerability.

Below is a short poem I had written few weeks ago to express this particular emotion of mine.

Tick! tock! tick! I hear the noise
as I make my bed for today and think
of the waves unsettling within me,
they leap and come back to me,
replicating themselves the whole night
and emotions tangle into strands
of bleak greyness;

and even before I start believing in my reality,
somewhere within the uncharted nooks
of my heart, a voice says-
joy or agony: this too shall pass.
it can inhabit my unkempt mind,
but not the one who echoes
from the pit of my stomach, saying

this is illusional, however real it
might seem; nothing in the three
worlds can change, how I feel
when I get grated by fate in
intervals; the crest and troughs
are the places where I experience
too many lows, gapped by
tiny grooves of happiness.

but something in my head and someone
in my heart knows the actions and also
the repercussions of all my happenings
She knows what is right and what is
not right; She knows very well –
She decides

what is best for me and I listen
to her – when I get too much shredded
by my woes, for I know –
She is the only truth
in the turbulence of my metaphors


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