Okay, let me clarify in the beginning itself. This post might not make any sense to many people. Sometimes I myself fails to understand my thoughts. I also take full responsibility for the lack of my proper articulation. Therefore, kindly use your discretion before giving me your five minutes.
If you have read the book called “The wellness sense” by Swamiji you might understand the impact of the five elements on a human body. I assume you realize that the five constituent elements I’m talking about are:
1. Space
2. Air
3. Fire
4. Water
5. Earth
Each of these elements have different and unique characteristics. Every human is a unique combination of these elements. This unique combination results in a unique personality. Moreover, this combination in an individual is not fixed and could vary from time to time. If I recall correctly, in the book it was mentioned that the type of food we eat can have an impact on this.
After this brief introduction, here comes my own understanding. I feel that if we meditate on a particular element we could develop the consciousness similar to that element. For example, if someone is feeling restless, then meditating on the earth element can bring more stability of thoughts. Similarly, feeling lazy mediate on the fire element to pump up the vigour, passion. If someone is finding difficult in this lockdown to adjust with people around all the time, then maybe meditating on water could help. Just see how comfortable water is in a container of any shape.

Now, meditating is a difficult art and not everyone would share an enthusiasm for it. But there exists another option. If one cannot meditate on that element, try to connect with it. For example, feeling stressed out then simply go to your rooftop and experience the vastness of the sky. Or cannot meditate on the earth element go out for a walk. And with each step feel the solid earth beneath your feet. If feeling lazy and need some motivation for the exam you are preparing for start seeing the sun rising everyday for next few days.

In short what I mean to say is that if we could connect with an element then we could develop the characteristic of that element. Now, even if this is difficult and one doesn’t feel any connection with the elements still there exists one more option. The ultimate way to be at ease is to simply connect with the source. If we are connected with our source, life is always a breeze. If truth be told this is the only way of feeling the bliss, which we all are pursuing in different forms, knowingly or unknowingly.

P.S. :On a side note, I would like to mention that in one of his books Swamiji mentioned that there exist planets where there are different number and types of constituent elements. How interesting is that!