Mindfulness is so much more than  a cliched term and I am only beginning to see the power of it. Somewhere I know it has little to do with ‘my efforts’ and everything to do with the power of swamiji’s initiation. Yet there are days(like today) where my grip loosens and mind does not take more than few seconds to fall back into same patterns of overthinking and anxiety. I’ve been working on a certain major  transition in professional space for about 6 months now and in recent times I was reasonably successful in not delving too much into the future related imaginations:

‘what if it does not work?’

when is it going to work, am I not working hard enough, am i not fast enough.

What if despite all the efforts I still end up a failure?

Its been a while now, when will the results come if at all?

so on and so forth.

Logically I know that these thoughts can only slow me down and fill my body and mind with stress(like they did today) but still once in a while they have managed to pull me back into the trap of all the coulda woulda shoulda kind of thoughts. 

Its time to recalibrate the system, what am I doing right now? where am I right now? Am I present in my current space or delving into the lands of past memories and future imaginations.

The above mentioned sentences are my go-to lines to pull my awareness into the present moment, and for the most part they’ve worked. So that is exactly what I am going to do today as well. Small pitfalls are inevitable lets keep moving, lets keep smiling.

Stay happy:)

jai shri hari