A very old saying states,” Be with the people like whom you want to be”, or “ You tell me about your friends and I will tell you about you”.

History speaks for itself that every person has an Aura that he/she carries around them. We can even label an individual based on his/her aura based on is basic nature and surprisingly these can be contagious. An individual having a happy and jolly nature can make a statement as soon as he enters a room and the same person can make the surrounding so joyful that everyone in the room smile and feels the positive vibes.

Now, let’s take the situation of a person who has lost his loved one and is in grief over the same, you visit his place and as soon as you enter the premises you will feel the wave of sadness and a sense of grief will take over you and you will also start feeling low. The same is the feeling when you visit a cremation ground and as you start walking away from it the grief will also move away. Grief is so powerful that even if you hear news of someone’s dismiss the same will take over you and the people around you.

The toughest and contagious word is Depression. Ever meet individuals suffering from depression or ever had a chance to meet an individual who has tried to commit suicide. As you sit along that person and break a conversation, a grip of fear and terror will catch you and deep inside you will start feeling low.

These people usually carry such an aura around them that they can pull anyone down to their level and transfer the feeling. These people are sick, really sick and they need proper medication and support as these people also have every right to live a happy and fruitful life.

So, completing the journey, it takes time to inculcate a habit, may it be of being happy, avoiding people away if they are sad and under the grip of depression can lead them to suicide. A hug or a patient ear can do wonders, never leave anyone when they are suffering.

And, be Aware these conditions are highly contagious. The more you pay attention the stronger they become. So, chill and fill yourself with joy and laughter.