I have always believed that I have been protected and cared for by God. But to be able to feel God in spirit is a different thing altogether. 

This has happened to me time and again but the most recent incident was the one that took place in 2016.

I had decided to go on a trek in Uttarakhand. Points to cover were Gangotri with Gaumukh, Tunganath with Chandrashila, Badrinath with Vasudhara Falls, Trijuginarayan and Kedarnath.

Two days before my trip there was a cloudburst and I was in two minds. But God had other plans so I was going. Till the evening of the day I was supposed to take the train I had not told my mother. 

Just 2 hours before I dropped the bombshell: ” Mom I am going to Kedarnath” At that point Mom didn’t have a heart attack. All she said was ” If the Lord has decided to meet you then who am I to stop you?”

It poured like crazy and even though I had called the cab quite early ( 2 hours) it didn’t arrive till 45 minutes before my train was to depart from Howrah station.

Once again I was in two minds. What if I miss the train? It was a weekday. And traffic in Kolkata on a weekday could kill you. Especially if you have a train or flight to catch.

Funny thing is my place of residence is only 15kms from Howrah Station and it doesn’t take more than 25 minutes on an empty road but that day I was sitting on the edge of my seat. My 12 kg rucksack was keeping me company.

By the time the cab dropped me off at Howrah Station it was already past time. I was carrying a 12kg rucksack and running at top speed to the number 8 platform just to see the train edge off the platform.

At that point all I was thinking was in a deep conversation with God” You will need someone to stretch out a hand and grab me. I have got to make this after coming so far”.

And lo and behold I had started screaming, ” wait, wait don’t leave”. Someone stretched an arm and I boarded the last compartment of the train to Haridwar.

Was I smiling perhaps? A stranger gave me his seat and said, ” Are you mad? You could have been killed. Where are you going?”

I thanked him for the seat and said, ” Kedarnath.”

He was stupefied, ” With this rucksack?”

I looked at him, ” God is with me. God will see me through.”

It was the best trek of my life. 

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