The sun was trying to peep in .. and I caught it ..

The conversation began ..

I asked the sun – hey ! Long time..

Yeah .. the sun replied .. had been busy .. the day was long and tiring..

Ohh .. same here I replied.. was in low mood today and had no energy to do any work ..

The sun giggled and I was like y are you giggling ?? 😗😗I told I was not in good mood today .. though the beauty of the sun was catching my eyes and I was sort of feeling relaxed talking to the beautiful orange sun with sky appearing more pretty ..

The sun told .. if you try to sow the seeds of compassion and love and do something of your interest, instead of stress and dislike towards whts stressing you, you might become busy nurturing them with on a daily basis… you will be busy then but not low and tired …. Hv u tried it ??

Ohh noo… This doesn’t work .. it is not my work to do this .. y only I should sow seeds of love and compassion.. I m not so jobless .. and then y other people don’t do it ..

Then you choose .. if you want happiness and your peace of mind is your priority then y not do something which is easier … y expect everything outside .. your happiness is your job..

Easier ??

So do you think thinking good thoughts is easier when I m feeling low and stressed.. 😳😳😳😳

No no… I didn’t say it’s easier… I think it’s wiser .. though it might be hard .. but doing hard things only can make you champion ..🌟💪🏆.. and while doing this , your energy levels change and you will notice the shift of doing much more better work for yourself and those around you .. if you cioose to be a great version of yourself , you need to start sowing seeds of love and compassion more …

The times are tough ..people are going through a lot …. There are lot of judgements.. understand tht life is like a mirror … What you give out you get to see … You frown there is a frown image .. you smile there is a smile image .. though many times things are really tough and smile is not found .. but hv patience at tht time .. never expect tht someone else will come and give you what you want …

The tough part is to be responsible and create what you want ..

I was like ohh god 🤭🤭 and I asked the sun , but how are you still so energetic as you too told tht you had a busy day ..

The sun replied, haha .. because I was busy with giving love to all those who needed it today just like I did to you .. what I gave out I got back and it makes me set down with happiness….

I was still lost in the beauty of the sun and realised it had already disappeared from my sight… And could see flock of birds rushing back to there homes .. sky beaming with beauty … And I realised I was just gazing the sun with more admiration and gratitude as it always teaches so much… If I could follow just one part of it would be enough I thought and started my work with a rejunvated energy ….