A story of my two school friends. I still remember them.

 First, about the one who was smarter than me. He gave all the answers and scored better than me. All teachers praised him. However diligently I worked, he was always a step ahead of me. I woke up early to study hard, attended extra classes, but he always scored better than me. I was jealous of him.

Second, about the one who was fitter than me. I was good at sports, too. I still play sports, but he was better than me. He became the captain and the most liked athlete in the football game I played. I started practicing early morning to increase my stamina but I couldn’t beat him. I was jealous of him, too.

Today, when I called them after a long time, I came to know that my first friend who was excellent in studies is in depression after his father’s death. I was so sad to hear that.  My second friend, who was excellent at sports, didn’t even try for any state-level games. I was shocked.

Soon I realized how my two friends were there for a purpose in my life. Rather than getting jealous of them, I was increasing my skills by competing with their skills. I didn’t understand that they always gave me a healthy competition to grow. But jealousy, fear, and anger faded my clear mind. We should respect others’ talents. That gives joy, simply winning doesn’t.

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