Coronavirus pandemic has been in headlines for more than one year.It has created havoc amongst people.And research workers have predicted the third wave that is going to effect us in September.

When this pandemic started in March 2020,there was a lot of fear among people as they had not heard something like this before. Infact Coronavirus was known to scientists  but they were not aware that how dangerous it could be proven because of mutations.The waves that we are experiencing is because of mutations only.When there is change in the genetic make up or in structure of Coronavirus because of antibiotic resistance,the virus gives rise to another strain and then it flourishes and we experience a rise in cases which we call a wave.

There is a wide use of antibiotics going on in our country.Antibiotics are not prescribed to mild cases.They are prescribed to moderate to severe cases.But people are using it at wide extent without consulting doctors.I have seen people residing near me having symptoms of Coronavirus but they don’t go to hospital for testing.I mean why? They keep on sitting at homes.This is too common in rural areas specially.Then they die suddenly and afterwards family members tell that he or she was having symptoms.I would request everyone that if you see someone having symptoms of Coronavirus, please do guide that person properly.Our small attempt can save someone’s life.

People do panic at such times.But there is no need to panic because mild to moderate cases can be treated at homes with proper guidance.You don’t have to get admit in hospital.Only severe cases whose SPO2 drops too much should be admitted in hospitals and should pe put on oxygen cylinders.There is lack of awareness among people even after one year.

Then another thing  I have seen is that people are not going for vaccination.People are thinking that they would die after receiving a dose of vaccination.I don’t know who instilled such thoughts in their minds.People who gets vaccinated can suffer from Coronavirus but the severity of infection is much less.They will not experience severe symptoms and it’s scientifically proven.So please spread awareness about this.I daily get to watch in Tv that people don’t want to get vaccinated.After vaccination,we can get mild fever and pain at injection site but these are common side effects of vaccine.We can atleast suffer this to prevent ourselves from Coronavirus.

One doctor who must have spent her one year in Covid ward till now did not suffer from Coronavirus and she told that she could prevent herself only by wearing mask.So it should not be taken lightly.

Its my small contribution to spread awareness.Every lovely person reading this also contribute within their reach a bit so that we can win this battle against Coronavirus.

Thanks for reading😊


Yours Ripandeep ❤️