Nature has given every one a right to live and use the renewable resources of it to sustain life on the planet “mother earth”.  As the human thinking improved nature gave a chance to make use of its raw materials prevailing in it to sustain human growth and development.  However as the time and “old heads” fell by there occurred an overexploitation of these non-renewable resources for the sake of becoming rich ASAP.  This lead to competition among humans and “status seeking” mindset which drastically deprived “Harmony” among the nature and wildlife but also made them to suffer horribly.  The “evolution ( caused by nature) was changed to revolution”( caused by mankind).  

This caused a curse to be made on mankind by horribly suffered wildlife and nature to preserve the evolution ( which is a slow process).  There came weapon from the “tuneel” ( armour basket) of nature named SARS COV-2 virus which is invisible to mankind however can cause drastic revolution among mankind for his/her health.  It’s just a small weapons ( virus) which halted heavy mobile vehicles like trains( we cannot imagine and dare to stand in front of it), planes. 

Imagine what would happen to mankind when a ” big weapon” is shot at us from the tuneel of nature simultaneously to teach us a lesson.  

          Remember respect towards nature, wild life, ahimsa towards animals are the things which keeps up the harmony of life and all these at present are already on the verge of extinction which has set up a downfall of mankind from this universe.  

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Sanjeev Kumar


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