I can say this credibly that corruption is really the main obstacle in the overall progress of our country. Even as a layman, we can see corruption’s impact on India by comparing it with other developed countries of the world like The United States of America, European Countries, Japan, Australia, Canada and U.K. etc. It is no wonder that a lot of Indians have shifted to these countries or are planning to do so. There is better infrastructure, better healthcare, better opportunities etc. in these countries as compared to India. I feel that the thing that is not letting our country progress is Corruption because it is like termite and it is really eating us from within. We can see everywhere from politics to sports, from real estate to businesses, from healthcare to pulic services; Corruption is thriving everywhere. It’s really amusing to see how Indians living in foreign countries abide by all the rules, regulations and constitution of that particular state. But when these same folks are in their home country, they wouldn’t think twice before breaking the rules and regulations of our country. The main reason behind it is there are no strict consequences to their ill actions in India if compared to the other developed nations of the world where these NRIs live. Even if there are consequences in India like punishment or fines, they are not implemented rightfully because of corruption. I genuinely feel that Corruption is the sole reason which is keeping us from getting developed. 

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