Whenever I fall,

Someone will lift me,

Whenever I chose the wrong path,

Someone will show me the right path,

Whenever I get into the dark,

Someone will show me a light,

I have grown up with the pain,

But there is someone who is helping me to heal,

Whenever I feel frail,

Someone will make me feel great,

That someone is no one,

Except for my own best friend Sri Hari,

He never let me down,

He always holds me tightly,

He always listens to me,

Thank you, Sri Hari,

Thank you for each and everything 🙂

Stay with me always the way you are,

Keep Protecting me,

Keep holding my hand,

Keep taking me wherever you want to take me,

But the condition is, you also have to come with me,

Because I don’t want to lose again,

I want you to be my constant,

Thank you for giving me countless blessings,

Thank you for all the lovely people you sent into my life,

Thank you for accepting me.

You are so beautiful,

You are amazing,

You are my biggest blessing. 

Keep Smiling,

Thank You,

Riya Om

Image Credit: APK Pure