Embarking on the journey of love

Is same as walking the path of spiritual awakening

Where one has lost all

To the extent of losing self

To find the self

Knows not where one is moving

It’s a tragedy of life or pre-ordained destiny 

That’s hanging on

To live or to die in sweet memory

Both loved with heart

Uncertainty in love is it’s rare beauty

Sweetness of this makes you awe

While makes your heart race a marathon

The race won is priced jewel

That fills heart with all gloriousness 

That universe can bestow

Making to this race

Is another battle

Of love and labour

Joy, sweetness, warmth and happiness

Embraces self and becomes vehicle

To align with love

Struggling love is also a charm to behold

As it pours enormous feelings

Bringing close and being together

Thick and thin coursing through life

Where love showers strength

Living each moment in embrace and warmth

Fulfilling moment is love’s only choice

To go together hand in hand

Each day and night

From lows to highs

Is course of love

Never to return from lover’s paradise.

Hope 😇

Neelam Om