Somewhere about 100 years back , the world came across a pandemic similar to the current COVID-19 Pandemic and it caused a lot of casualties and unrest across the globe .

As the Covid-19 started emerging in China in November 2019 ,as a doctor 👩‍⚕️ I would wonder if it would travel across the borders.  Soon Warning came to India 🇮🇳 and the whole nation went into lockdown.

As I started to gain more insight into the pandemic, I just asked myself as to how can I help myself and those needy . Is Covid going to transform me for better?

We were bombarded with calls  from our panicked patients and relatives. Taking all precautions to avoid infection, I have tried to reach most of our needy patients and treating in person and via telecommunication. Giving free treatment to those poor patients and staff for the little known viral infection and sometimes making more than 100 calls to make sure they are being treated in ICU and recovering. Even our doctor friends were not spared by COVID-19 and I tried to help with some healthy food packed for them and enquire about their well-being. I created an account with our local pharmacy and directed all affected home 🏠 and hospital 🏥 staff to get the medicines free.

As a group , we tried to distribute groceries and sanitizers to the homeless and Frontline Covid warriors ,charitable organisation. We are Communicating daily with the home quarantined patients and comforting them and guiding in their treatment.

I try my best to support small business groups , local vendors and give full salaries to all our staff at hospital and home .

In the lockdown, I had enough time to cook with my husband for my family and share those valuable moments with my family. Doing all the daily chores of washing clothes , cleaning 🧹 floor and doing all groceries and vegetables shopping while working in hospital has given me a feeling that I can do it all by myself and a sense of self confidence.

Covid 19 has confined all within their homes ,creating fear and anxiety and distress to many lives ,” But for me , it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform myself and be at service to God and mankind “. It has given me the courage to overcome the crisis , clarity in my thoughts, to be kind and caring to the needy. And yes of course I am very optimistic as our Swamiji has said “ Cure Is definitely going to come “ .

Whatever wisdom I have used in the current scenario , is the divine grace 🙏 my grooming done by using the BLACK LOTUS APP (RAK my favourite)for last 2 years ,a wonderful new version , the knowledge & wisdom gained by reading the blogs on by Swamiji,RAK stories by soo many kind souls and beautifully curated you tube videos of Black lotus .

Every day I am inspired and I try to help the needy in every possible way and before going off to sleep I thank God for giving me a chance to serve him and be useful. For sure, in this pandemic  I am trying to transform myself to be a better human being and help the needy and myself .


PLEASE NOTE- This is my first post and am not a professional. They are just my experiences and feelings 🙏.

2 nd post soon on my physical transformation in COVID-19 😀


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