Today I woke up and I was thinking what to do today ? It’s holiday for my 4 years old nephew’s school due to Eid function . So I didn’t had tension (?) to take his online class . Also holiday for my work . My sister went to Kolhapur for trip . It was little bit relax for me ! I saw calendar and It’s Kojagiri Paurnima today . My mother suggested me to visit temple to take lord darshan on today’s precious day . I was thinking to go to temple and after that visit Eye Clinic for eyes checkup . But suddenly I remembered I need to book appointment for 2nd dose of Covid vaccination . Yesterday when I saw meeraji’s vaccination post , it reminded me to do this important task .

Last time when I was booking appointment for 1st dose of Covid vaccination , it gave me so much trouble . Whenever I logged in and checked message it was always ALL SLOT BOOKED ! I waited many days . One day my cousin informed me that he has booked appointment by adding extension on cowin portal . When you add extension and fill up all information about pin code , mob no , state , slot no and more this will automatically fill data on cowin portal to speed up cowin vaccine slot booking including captcha . I installed KIWI Browser in mobile . I found one youtube video in which it’s explained in detailed how to book vaccine appointment by adding extension in your browser through your android OS in mobile .

In my side where I live , vaccine booking slots were opening in specific time morning at 8 AM . Next day , when I logged in at 8 O’ clock to cowin site , script which I had saved , ran very fast and finally my appointment for free vaccination got fixed . Within fraction of seconds all slots got booked . I wanted to booked for my other family members also but I could not able to do it . Next 3 days I logged in again and booked slot for my family members . ( I only need to take initiative ! )

It was terrify experiance for my first Covid vaccine dose . When I tooked Covishield vaccine that day I didn’t felt anything . I was normal and I went out for some work . Next day , when I woked up Oh God my legs , arm , head , body was paining like anything . It was very hard for me to wake up and take bath . I took medicine tablet which I got from vaccination center . I took full day rest . Next day I felt better but my arm was still paining . Anyways it may happened due to I didn’t took rest after vaccination .

After 15 days my sister who was last member left in my home for vaccination , got ready to take vaccine ( after convincing her lot ! ) I booked slot for her and she vaccinated successfully .

So today when I logged in to COWIN portal and run the script , my appointment got booked very fast . I moved arrow back to screen and booked slot for my brother and his wife too . We three took 2nd dose of vaccine today . All my family members are vaccinated with 2nd dose now . Only my sister is left but I will book slot for her in November when her time comes .

My dear friends , Have you completed your 2 doses of Covid vaccination ? How was your experience ? Please take rest when you get vaccinated . Be in home and don’t go outside ( This I m telling by my experience ) Tell others too to take vaccination and spread awareness about importance of Covid vaccination .

Here is youtube video where you can find how to book vaccination slot

Stay Happy , Stay Connected ❤️