We have all faced and survived the last 2 years in our own special way. A problem of a global scale, its impact continues to be far reaching and compounded by one’s geopolitical location, belief’s, access to resources (from items of daily living to health care )

Some of us lost loved ones, some struggled to keep our jobs,businesses open during the lockdown, yet others paced at home unable to visit loved ones in their hour of need. Some of us tried to hold on to our sanity while working long shifts in scary frontline work in hospitals and other essential services. And allof us modified our plans and learnt to be flexible and live in the present.

The changing guidance of our governments and political leaders has added to the hardships faced everywhere. As they assimilate the latest scientific theory on the topic and balance it with the economic and political pressures and account for what resources are available, we are presented with an ever-shiftingkaleidoscope of rules and regulations. Mostly well-meaning and aimed to keep us safe or less at risk; these rules do keep us guessing from week to week – is testing after contact in or out, schools open or closed. Keep the domestic help.? How about cloth mask?? And yes, now can we go out for dinner ifvaccinated? What about visiting loved ones in hospital.

Which brings me to one of the most contested topics in this space. Full disclosure , I am fully vaccinated, understand the RNA technology working and have helped a few of my friends and co workers feel comfortable about the vaccine. But what about the ones that have questions. Initially I was part of the group that thought unvaccinated people are being selfish.

However, as I reflect and approach the issue with kindness this is what I realized. There is so much and such varied information on the topic, the issue is still new and proof of efficacy and safety not readily available to all. So, who is to judge anyone for believing in one set of information vs another. The issue of lost wages while going to get vaccinated, fear of being out from work due to post vaccine illness real for many daily workers. 

As part of this kind and supportive community here is my new perspective. Let’s be supportive. If we can give-do provide masks or other help, help someone to consider mask or vaccineor both. And thank the people we meet specially less privilegedfor making it though. For simply being there for the role that they play in our life or in their community. Together we will see this through. For even the strongest and most resilient of us need kindness and it’s good to hear  “Good Job “ you got this. Vaccine status notwithstanding.

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