For some time forget your religious belief and read this fable.

One day the Creator was traveling across galaxies. When going past Milky Way, he notices our solar system and earth. He realizes earth is primed for life. He wanted to create beautiful flora and fauna on earth. He knew earth will look beautiful with them.

Two Commands

Here instead of creating millions of life forms, he decides to create one life form and wanted to automate the life process on earth.

He created the first life on earth and gives it two commands, Evolve and Multiply.

The first life form asks the creator, what happens if he follows only one command. Creator replies if you only evolve and not multiply you will bloom into beautiful life form no doubt, but you will perish one day and the process stops if you only multiply lots of your own species will be there but other millions of creations will not be there. What is the fun in the earth having only one species of life form? Instead, if you follow both, creation becomes a never-ending process. Millions of species will be formed. Some animals will swim, some will fly, some will walk. Life will evolve in innumerable ways.

The first life form tells the creator that he will follow his commands but how he can achieve such a huge task? What tools he has?

Three Boons

Creator immediately gives him three boons. Creation, preservation, and destruction. He tells the life form that, in initial stages, these three energies will be in basic form but along with living creatures these energies too will evolve and the life form will be capable of doing more complicated things.

The life form then evolves and multiplies and here we are today after billions of years of successful evolution.

Our Dharma.

The lesson we need to learn here is whatever we do be it an act or thought it should result in the betterment of our mind or body. That is the only way to evolve. That is what the creator wants us to do. If you have any doubt regarding an eating habit or if you are procrastinating instead of Exercising or any activity, see if it is consistent with the two commands.

Let’s now see how we evolved in the early days, present days, and challenges in the future.

Early days / Diet – in the early days of evolution Diet played a very important role. After learning to control fire early humans started to cook food and dry food, this also resulted in an increase in nutrition availability to many. His brain grew bigger and he started to do more complex things. So eating the right foods which will give us all essential nutrition assumes paramount importance in evolution. So in the past humans found technology (fire) which changed their diet and it played a very crucial role in Evolution 

Present days / Excercise – The biggest challenge we face today is the sedentary lifestyle. This could severely impact our evolutionary process. We need to Excercise to strengthen our bones, to aid the lymphatic system and secretion feel-good hormones. If not for Excercise we will lose all that we gained through evolution over a period of million years in a matter of centuries because of a sedentary lifestyle. So in the present days, humans are using physical Excercise to stay in the path of evolution 

Future / Meditation – We are the only animal on the planet who possess a rational mind. The prefrontal cortex is the seat of this rationality or else we will act only on impulses. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for logic, reasoning will power, creativity decision making, and problem-solving the latest to develop in our evolution process. Today due to the availability of instant gratification example – social media, this very important function could be lost. The only way to preserve this ability and evolve further, we need to Meditate. Although there are many ways of doing meditation, the most common one is Mindfulness meditation, where you keep your focus fixed on thoughts and sensations. Learning and practicing meditation is very critical for the evolution of future generations. In the future people who do meditation will have a significant advantage over others. It will catapult us in Evolution.

Our primary goal is to become a better person and then pass on those genes to our future generations. That is the only thing that we need to do. That is our only dharma. This is what our creator would want from us.

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