In the Sunday morning paper today, I was catching up on the US open update, “Tsitsipass suffers meltdown” – Stefanos Tsitipas was leading 5 – 1 in the fourth and with 2 sets to love up serving for the match, this would appear a cake walk for any tennis player for all practical purpose in any tournament. Then he crashed, he went on loose the set 5-7 and also the fifth set 6-7.

Crossing the line, how many times in our day or life we say I was almost there but could not make it, I did all the hard work got in a position of a victory or success but still the victory and success eluded me. You lose from a position of strength. All the hard work, the sweat, the blood, the tears, in vain for the ultimate prize of success or victory or joy that we miss, then we blame it on kismet, fate, destiny, and so on….

Will Tsitsipas stop playing tennis now, no way!, will he not go back and practice a lot more, I am sure he will given that he is a professional tennis player, did he lose it in his mind or in his body or probably both. These are professional tennis players so playing 5 sets is standard for their body so the melt down has to be in the mind, you are playing brilliantly until now and suddenly every shot you make is getting mis-hit and there are errors, these are no way planned right, no one plans to lose, we all play to win.

  • There will be such scenarios where you may appear to falter at the final hurdle
  • Everything you touch – does not work
  • Decisions don’t give you the desired impact
  • Suddenly you feel lost and all alone with no help around
  • You want to just get the hell out of there
  • and so on….

The matter is that there will always be these scenarios and that’s where you bounce back, you build this resilience to come back stronger. That’s where your coach comes in, your teacher comes in and your Guru comes in.

Life is all about such situations – day in and day out, It is only and only because of your Guru that you are able to lift yourself and take the next step in life,

My Bhagwan, my Guru Om Swamiji is that omni present energy that builds you up brick by brick to be the winner. He makes this journey so so beautiful and meaningful that such hiccups appear so transient and trivial because He has given us all this infinite source of energy, wisdom, whatever you may term it that each moment in life transforms into a win.

He ensures you cross the line! – He Will ensure that you cross the line!

Once you have surrendered to HIM, there is no looking back, just be on the path and you will cross the line. He works with you to build your path to victory, you decide what victory means to you and stick to the path,

I know what victory means to me.

You are in the most divine times of our era with our Bhagawan, and each one of us will cross the line!