Life’s many crossroads, like low hanging clouds,
weave patterns from sunrise to sunrise. 

We must, ourselves, choose a road to follow,
life cannot choose for me or for you.

The window’s down, our scenic road rises, 
our eyes scan the horizon beyond.

Time brings the distance closer to view,
with every passing mile.

Our journey forward leaves dead weight behind,
falling, unflavored, by the roadside.

Stop. We exit to wander beyond the fray;
the past only matters when looking back.

As the warmth of the sun opens the lotus,
it leads us to destinations dreamt.

Here, the crossroads are left far behind, 
there are no more lines to follow.



Wisdom is acquired by lowering that veil
which filters dusky ignorance

Words alone cannot stitch true wisdom together
only our vast experience

A noble quest in itself, an endless pursuit
of greatest depths and utmost highs

Time forces us further along, closer to truth
until darkness is extinguished