My Pranaam to whose shelter  I am residing by the grace of Him only. Till 2016 I was lost. But after that things changed and changing. I am lost no more. I am awakening  slowly. I am able to see inside. All  glories to Him in whom I got solace. 

As you all know that I am not a writer and it’s all my random feelings which evoke at their own time so I scribble something here. Recently  I am doing some beautiful meditation in the Black lotus app such as clearing part, pain body part, starting and ending the day with gratitude and so on. These meditations are hosted by Shri Nitya Santi. These are very powerful  meditations. Hope those who are doing can realize what I mean.

In all these dramas and traumas of life , in all these crowds; I am a bird whose wings are directed to Swamiji. I am doing everything.  Like eating, sleeping, going to gym, watching movies, practicing piano sometimes,playing with my dog, helping my mother, roaming with my friend …yet I feel that I actually  don’t belong here…well..this feeling comes often.. I ask my self…where I want to be after 5 years or 10 years…??? Well…let the mystery unfold in its own time…

     I remember the song

Bhid mai tanhai mai mujhe tum yaad aate ho….

Sometimes  I want to merge myself in Lord krishna and sometimes  in Shiva…Sometimes I feel Laxmi is sitting in my heart…

I wonder how they will be…

                         I read the Divine poems of Sadvi Brinda ji…I realize the essence of Bhakt aur Bhagwan….They are so pure and innocent…There are such beautiful souls in this platform. They all have one thing in common …The inner self wants enlightenment…They all communicate  but then there is a vast silence…. and the voice of silence is so much loud..

           sarve bhabantu sukhina… 

  • Salutations to Guru ji….Infinite salutations….Crowd in the local train 1

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