Am writing this post in between my consultation today…hahahaha.. Read on…

These days I have taken up online consultations and my appointments starts from 10am being the first consultation of the day. 

So as usual I started the first consultation of the day. It was a phone consultation and the conversation that happened, read below

ME- Hello

PATIET/CLIENT(Male voice)- ” Hello, Doctor saab”

ME- ” Ji, bataye aapki tabiyat mein kya problem hain”

( I was keenly listening to him)

HE- ” Doctor saab, main ek farmer hoon”


HE- “Mere paas 5 Gai(Cow) and 10 bains( Buffalo) hain”

ME- I started thinking, ” am not a veterinary doctor, poor fellow seems to be confused” but I anyway did not interrupt and said”Okay”

HE- ” Hum inke doodh se Ghee banate hain”

ME- “Ji, okay”( Now I thought may be he wants to know which ghee intake would be better, however I didn’t interrupt)

HE- ” Doctor saab, aap ham se ghee karidenge kya? Agar aapki company liya toh accha hain”

ME- “What????!!!!!”

He continued..

HE- ” Maine aapke customer care to phone lagaya tha, iske bhaare main poochne keliye”

ME- silence… I was confused if I have to laugh over this or get angry with customer care…

ME- ” Toh aap ghee bejana chahte hain and not consultation?”

HE- “Ji, madam.”

ME- Not showing any frustration, I said” Ji, main inform kardoonge jinko bhi inform karna hain, main sirf consultation deti hoon and purchase dept ki nahi hoon”

HE-Immediately said” Teek hain aap unko inform kardo, mujhe phone karne ke liye”

ME- ” Ji”

(I now felt like he has offered me a role of sales executive for his ghee selling business)


Now what I understood was, when this person has called our customer care with his business proposal, instead of listening to him completely, they have just directed the call to me.

Here I was thinking what would be my first case of the day, but it just turned out to be something different and I ended up laughing after hanging up the call..

Before I could take my next consultation, I thought it would be better that I inform the concerned to check with customer care as to why they happened to direct his call to me without listening to him completely.

I called up the concerned and explained the whole conversation

She had a good laugh too.. I told her to inform customer care to listen carefully before having the call directed to me, since that time could have been booked by someone in need as it was first call of the day. She promised to check it out.

I took up my next consultation….