Customize Your Social Media Feed

Don’t let rubbish destroy your time and peace of mind. 

This is the age of social media. Although the boom of social media is a relatively recent happening, it has already become a major part of our lives. And day-by-day we are spending more and more of our time in this socioverse! A great portion of our everyday time goes in using social media. And that’s why I think it’s very very important to spend this time consciously and wisely. We really have to be wise here. Otherwise, we’ll become time-fools! On an average, we almost spend 3-4 hours on social media everyday. And most of it is entertainment. There are various things to be involved in. Through social media we can educate ourselves, learn important skills, enroll in online courses, invest our money, do creative work, study, or simply entertain ourselves. There are endless options. But, just reflect for a moment, and try to see—where you spend most of your time. We spend most of our time in entertainment, no? I’m not saying entertainment is bad. But excess of it is definitely bad for us. With it too what matters is the type of entertainment you engage in. Whatever we spend our time in, isn’t it wise to spend our time consciously and in those things which are beneficial for us in some way? That’s why it’s absolutely essential to customise our social media feed. Are you getting me? 

Take YouTube for example. I think after Whats App the most used app is YouTube. And I too watch YouTube everyday. These days there are so many entertainment-infotainment platforms—Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar and others. There are more channels and content in those apps than what is available in TV connection. Personally, I don’t use such apps anymore. I had subscriptions of these apps. I realised 90% of its content is for entertainment. What value does entertainment add in our lives to enhance our lives? So, I don’t use them anymore. But YouTube is hard to avoid. Because there is so much to learn. I’ve customized my YouTube feed in such a way that only relevant and useful content comes. Similar thing I’ve done with my Instagram and Twitter feed. Facebook is a little tricky to handle. But I almost don’t use Facebook. So, no problem there. 

Summing Up

Does your social media serve you? Or is it the other way around—whatever comes, you are an unconscious consumer? 

Don’t be foolish. We cannot discard social media completely. It has penetrated our lives. But we can choose how and how much to use these things. Unnecessary content can kill our precious time and even our peace of mind. Hours and hours go by…just like that. Prioritise your content. Subscribe and follow only such channels, pages, or people which and who add value to your life. Don’t be a foolish consumer. Time is the most precious jewel. Don’t squander it in useless things. Be conscious and wise. 

Thank You.
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