Om Sri Hari!

First of all I offer my obeisance to my Guru and beautiful Sadhana Team who worked hard all day and night to make this Navdurga Sadhana available for all of us.Β 

I hope you all are enjoying your sadhana and time with Mother Divine. I found that we all need some daily motivation, a push to go ahead on the path of Sadhana, I’m a beginner so I feel this. What helps me in this is, reading thoughts of self realised beings and stories of Mother Divine and also singing her glories.

So, I’m starting this series to keep myself and you all motivated for sadhana…


Firm faith is needed, yet it is sorely lacking. By performing action desire will not brought to an end. If one goes on doing one thing after another, even more desires will spring up endlessly. But by fostering one single desire, namely the desire to find Mother Divine, other desires become extinct. Just as when, without paying attention to the twigs and branches, one waters the roots of a tree day after day, it will be seen that old leaves fall off and new leaves start growing. Exactly in a similar manner, if without looking in any other direction, a person simply and exclusively practices Mother’s name, he/she can be liberated from his old tendencies and inclinations and gain new life.


Desires are Raktabeeja and their destroyer, great wisdom is Kalika. When Maa Devi comes she blesses us with wisdom, love and power. As it is said above, you have to just chant her name, some may say it’s not possible to do so all the time. I agree with you, but we can be mindful to our actions, Devi doesn’t comes by chanting her name like a parrot but she comes when a child cries for her in pain, suffering and truth to be told there are only sufferings in this world. Call upon Maa Devi in the form of your Mother, sister, “Wife”, oh my dear male fellows don’t worry, see Sri Hari in all masculine entities and do your actions accordingly, that’s a yajna too. Be with Maa.

I hope that’s enough for today, I’ll close my post and yes in tomorrow’s post I’ll share Ten stages on the path of Sadhana, Self realisation.

Om Sri Hari!

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