Who doesn’t want to be healthy? Nevertheless, where is the time to do daily dose of exercise amidst the busy schedule. Rushing to office, managing house, looking after kids and taking care of elderly person is really challenging and to find time for oneself is close to impossible. Twenty-four hours seem to be a less time! Everyone yearns for an extra hour in a day for doing exercise and for taking care of health. Not possible!!

What is achievable is to find time somewhere in between the hectic daily routine. Where to fit exercising in this schedule? Suprita can’t wake up early in the morning as she wake up twice or thrice at night to attend to my mother-in law who is diabetic, blind (lost her eye sight due to diabetes) and kidney patient. She can’t do the exercise while watching T.V. as her child is studying and he finds it disturbing. She can’t even think of doing it in kitchen while cooking as it is bit congested and moreover she and her husband both cook together with no space left for stretching activities. She can’t even think of going in a park or joining class as her mother-in-law needs my constant care. Above all she is lazy to do exercises, yoga or any physical work; maybe that is the reason her mind is finding so many excuses for not doing exercise regularly.

In the evening, her husband manages home and she go to the market to buy vegetables, fruits and other grocery items. As she stay on fourteenth floor, she take a lift to get down. One day, while she was waiting for the lift, she came across this video. She loved the idea of two minutes exercise for whole body. The lift door opened and she got into it. She couldn’t resist herself from trying this exercise. Surprisingly after that it become her daily routine to do two minutes exercise in the lift. A funny but a healthy way to live life!

Mark Twain has truly said that the only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not. She is eating lots of salad (to reduce my weight) which she hate to eat, she is drinking litres of milk (to keep her bones strong) which she do not relish and she is doing her daily dose of exercise in the lift (to keep fit and to save time) which she not fond of earlier.

Now, she is happy and contented as she has changed her life by making small changes.

A Fictional Story for #TheWriteChoice .