There are some questions that have been bugging us since childhood. We may have grown up, yet those questions, common everyday questions, are still there at the back of our heads. And in this post I will try to provide the plausible answers to the questions.

Hey time, why you do this?

Have you ever felt and questioned how time passes so quickly while we are happy, playing games, pursuing our hobbies etc. And on the other side, time slows down and hops on a snail while we are sad or doing uninteresting things. Isn’t it?

As far as I can remember, this question was even more pertinent in the context of school—games period vs. other lectures.

A 45 minute games period would be over in the snap of a finger. It would feel like time had partnered with a Ferrari during the games period. While other periods were mostly boring and uninteresting. The teacher was just there to complete the syllabus. Making the lecture interesting so that students may pay attention and understand properly was their lowest priority. And how can we forget time—it is always in the mood to go as slow as possible during these times.

We would almost wait till eternity for the completion of any uninteresting period; only 5 minutes had passed, since we last checked the watch. What did we do to you, Mr. Time?

So what’s the reason behind this weird behaviour by time?

Time isn’t linear, it just isn’t. I’ve experienced this far too many times. When we wait for the time to pass, it will always move like a tortoise. But when we are completely in the present moment, it runs like Usain Bolt.

Whenever I am doing something that interests me and makes me happy, I get completely engrossed in that activity and lose the sense of time. Playing football, table tennis and reading books are some of the activities that makes time go exponentially faster for me. On the other hand, few moments of sadness and sitting in uninteresting lectures feels like ages have passed, however in reality, only few minutes have elapsed.

Women and Marriage

Why do women have to leave their parents after their marriage and move to her husband’s home?

Whether you are a male or female, I am sure that you have pondered over this question at least once in your life, I certainly did so.

After passively contemplating on this question for years, I think I have found the answer. So here we go—

In Sanatana Dharma, there are two aspects of the divine: masculine and feminine. The masculine aspect (consciousness)—Shiva—represents the static aspect of the creation and the feminine aspect (energy)—Shakti—represents the dynamic aspect of the creation.

The word dynamic represents movement and women are the embodiment of Shakti (feminine energy). Due to its inherent nature, only energy can move from one place to other, so I think it is only natural that women moves to her husband’s home after the marriage.

I can only think as the most likely explanation, however if you have something different to share on this topic, then please do share your thoughts in the comments. I’ll be glad to know your perspective.

Why does my body ache so much?

“I slept under the fan and now my body is aching.”Growing up, I have heard this numerous times from my friends and relatives. At that time, I would scratch my head and wonder about the reason behind this phenomenon.

As I grew up, I also began to notice this occurrence in my body also, especially in summer seasons. (Whenever I woke up in the morning) After sleeping the whole night under the fan or in front of the cooler, it was time to wake up, but my body (specially my back side) would ache so much so that it felt like someone had sucked the energy out of my body. It usually took a fair amount of willpower to just get up from the bed.

I just couldn’t fathom this thing. I would google for the answer but to no avail. Until one day, I finally found the likely explanation of this phenomenon. “Excess of air element (Vata) causes pain in the body”, I don’t know for sure where I read or saw it, but I instantly felt that this is the answer.


Why are shirt pockets always on the left side?

Honestly, this question had us scratching our heads since childhood. I am sure the elders only asked this question from the kids because they themselves didn’t know the answer.

I confess that I don’t have a plausible explanation yet. But then what is Google for?

“It is easier for a right-handed person to reach the left shirt pocket because of the wrist movement.”

Doesn’t make sense to you? It didn’t make sense for me either. Left hand is closer to the left pocket, you may be wondering. I was in your position too, until I checked it myself with a little experiment. I reached the left pocket a number of times with both hands and found it to be true.

When I reached the pocket with my left hand, the strain on wrist and elbow is noticeable, however it is relatively easier to reach the pocket with my right hand. Try it for yourself and observe the difference.

So I hope you have found the answers to the age old questions at the back of your head. That’s all for now.

Thank you for your time. 🙂

Image source –  Radoan_tanvir from Pixabay