One day I woke up and just felt like staying silent, it felt good because in those couple of moments I was neither in  future nor in the past. I was just in that moment and without any delay I instantly jotted down the following words which might make sense.
So lets get started

                                         Dance of Truth

Just opened eyes
Found thyself in the middle of nowhere,
Clueless.. Directionless..
No shore visible to thee incapacitate eyes;
So miniscule expect no vector can define thee
Yet bound to be one in the name of what?
It’s thy tough task

Many have given up
Some has given up on giving up
It’s thy power or vulnerability 
Question if its thy to decide 
Roar like a Lion or 
be quiet like a sheep No wonder
It might have mattered in the roundabouts

It’s a song of none but many
It’s a dance of many but one
It’s a dance of Truth & its none of any!!