“You can’t realize your dreams unless you have one to begin with.”

— Thomas A. Edison

We often underestimate our potential. A lack of self-belief becomes detrimental to our aspirations. It even results in us not daring to dream. We end up living a life that doesn’t satisfy us simply because we didn’t have the courage to take that first step.

Most of the limits in our life are self-imposed. Once we overcome the mental hurdle, the sky is the limit!

Stephen Hawking, Helen Keller and Franklin Roosevelt are fine examples of individuals who did not let their physical disabilities limit them, and went on to create a huge impact on the world. People have scaled Mt. Everest at the age of 80 and have run marathons at the age of 100, showing that where there is a will, there is a way.

To win big, you need to dream big. Once you have identified your path, pursue it relentlessly. Yes, there will be sacrifices to be made. But it’s all worth it in the end.

Dream big. Persevere. Go for it!