I am inspired by my favorite anime and manga character Naruto. He is a boy who wants to become one of the finest Ninjas of his village.

To do that, he had to first overcome the inner darkness of his mind that thrived in his lonely, abandoned past and in his failed efforts to tame the Enormous Energy of the Nine-tailed Fox sealed inside him.

Naruto tries to defeat his dark side; but as he fights it, he realizes that both of them are equally matched and he cannot defeat it by strength.

He then does something, which Only A Real Hero like Naruto can do…

Dark nalin!! 2


In all the years after his lonely childhood, he tried to make friends and struggled hard to become stronger; but he never tried to make friends with his lonely past and the pain and the frustration of his failures.

He realized he did not Let Go of his Own Pain or loved himself which made the Evil inside him so powerful and so angry.  So now he listened to It, tried to understand It and felt It’s pain.

In the end, he tightly hugged It with all the love and empathy! Dark Naruto was emotionally shocked and dissolved into nothingness in Naruto’s arms.

Dark nalin!! 3

Swamiji always tell us to follow Naruto’s path. No he doesn’t but he would if I could show him some of Naruto. Kidding… But, yes Swamiji says the same.

Naruto now Understood His Own Self better and showed the love and consideration to his own baggage and finally shed it which was long due.

It’s not easy for someone to dissolve the darkness inside but you know on the other side of the battle with self is one of the greatest ninjas alive (and one of the most wonderful human beings) just like Naruto Uzumaki of the Leaf Village.

Dark nalin!! 4

It is Time I fight my Own Darkness- my past, my failures, my guilt, my worry and all the baggage which created the darkness inside me not by fighting it, but by patience, understanding, love and empathy towards it. We should all do that. We all have to do that.

May Dark Nalin dissolve in my arms and so does the dark side of all our bright and lovely community members who write and share their story and their truth.

Maa will guide us…


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