Amazing is thy love

For thy expresses his love

Through words and gestures

Finds way deep inside the lady love

Amazed and awestruck

Not knowing to recognise

Or to stay still

Felt deep, yet unable to speak

For heart blossoms always 

Fly with gestures and words

Engulfing her mind

Remembering each moment

Thinking and embracing

Nobody knows

The happiness she finds

Thy never stops

Lady never speaks

Though admire in heart

Feeling each bit of it

Wanting to express

Finds no way out

Allowing her heart to speak the magic.

For thy want his lady

Simple and delicate

Covering and shimmering

With beautiful cloth of divinity 

to not let anyone see his apple of eye

More than thy desires

Lady love rejoices all gestures

Priceless and pure.

Taking care of her world inside

Decoding and deciphering

Making her understand

The emotions so not joyous

Standing by her side

Awake and upright

Bringing her up

Don’t let her feel down

Making each moment

A moment to remember

Grateful as lady love feels

Blessed to find a heart

So simple and divine.

Thy expression of love

Drench her being in love

Involved and evolving

For pristine beauty to shine

Holding her in palm

Embraces in bosom 

So to blossom her self

With divine love

Flowing through her happiness

Bliss she finds in union with her beloved

Absolutely stunned by the love of  darling love.

Smile 😊

Neelam Om