As a young mom who had just given up on her profession of a bright and promising Mnc middle level manager,due to family commitments ,I took rearing the baby like a mission or profession reading Dr Spokes book to raise kids! I enrolled my 3 year old for Skating and Swiming at Asia s reputed sports complex..Siri fort ,an extension to famous Siri fort auditorium where foreign movie festivals were held ,and spiritual kathas of Murari bapu or Sister Shivani s satsangs or annual functions and baby shows or college festivals or diwali mela ,teej mela or Swaranjanli mahila mandal meets…what not! On one such occasion there was an airforce facilitation….since Sirifort sports complex is in a slope above Siri fort auditorium there is no way to avoid the traffic chaos and restrictions when public functions are there and at times it takes 50 minutes to coss that 200 meter strech due to parking and v.i.p movement…so this time it was being manned by dashing airforce perffect…tall ,with polished high boots and flawless blue shirts aswell high turbans and white wide belts , so ,I showed my daughtter one such soldier and asked her to wave her hand as a mark of affection and repect to our soldiers.!.She did so ,I too kept smiling at the Soldier …this lasted around 5 minutes as too much traffic was making cars move like a snail ,the next day we again had the same route and similar chaotic traffic…airforce had 3 day function…the same soldier this time at my daughter’s waving her hand and my smiling came to our car and said in style…u r Meera and u live at..

He told our exact this me and my daughter were shocked, we were puzzled and a bit disturbed too as he seemed to get too nosy and palley with us …I was a little firm in asking how could u know my name and adress to which he answered, he remembered my car number plate details and called traffic authorities to get our details…now was time either to get scared or just leave it or even get palley..but my little daughter who had to face this world herself too had me as and idol and ideal on my reaction..
SO I just switched off my car engine and screamed at top of my voice…call your Senior Officer ,I ll not move from ,here dare u get our personal details …what purpose would it solve for u ? The man was very scared and started sweating and Stuttering..
Sorry mam ,they ll do my court marshall and i ll be chucked off service…I ll never do this ever again! Aftet 3 miniutes of cars honking from behind and his staff manning traffic coming towards us ,i moved the car…he held his ears and started looking at road cutting a sorry figure.

I started my car and told my daughter zindagi mei…Darne ka nahi!