Pranams to the lotus feet of Swamiji.

I was reading the book, “The Rainmaker” compiled by Sadhviji Vrindha. Thank you mam for the sincere effort in bringing together the various incidents which have uplifted the lives of countless people.

The incidents brought out by the PA to Swamiji were the ones which i felt that i should inculcate in my routine way of life: the way to speak and conduct oneself with others; reciprocating the greetings of others; how we can feed the soul and the body of ourselves when we leave a restaurant. In all the incidents, a thing to learn for me was always evident in the way Swamiji was indicating to his PA.  

Suri Nagamma, an ardent disciple of Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi used to note down all the teachings and discussions of Bhagwan  with others which happened at the ashram. She would then show them to Bhagwan and after his approval would send the notes as letters to his brother who lived far away so that he could benefit too. The entire compilation of letters have been published. 

Similarly, a thing to learn and get inspired  (however small it may be) would definitely happen in the presence of Swamiji in the day to day incidents at the ashram. Such a compilation would enrich everyone.