Respected Unknown Benefactor(s),

I place my head at Swami Ji’s head as Eklavya did to his Guru once. 

From afar I watch you stealthily, a speck among the throngs of your followers. 

They have so much to offer to your cause, yet as small as I am please accept my love, affection and devotion. In the hope that someday I will come to you before I leave for another world. 

My unknown benefactor(s), you who have not a heart of man, but the heart of an elevated spirit. Why did you choose an unworthy person like me and brought me into this paradise? I feel like an outsider intruding in another world. This world isn’t meant for small specks like me. I feel crushed, devastated by your kind spirit. Never before such affection has been showered on me. Just like my loyalty and faith lie at the feet of Swami Ji, please accept me as a servant of yours. Your affection knows no limits for helping a stranger in need. How shall I ever express my gratitude to you?

There is no life without a Guru I heard. He guides us, molds us into a better version of ourselves. I always think about you dear dear Benefactor. You brought tears to the eyes of an ungrateful me. How well did you shatter my arrogance and ego? Your kindness is not any karma of mine. Nothing have I done to earn your compassion. You must be a selfless godly being from another world. Tell me why in the first place? Elevating someone as me to interact with people as divine as those on isn’t a triviality. How will I repay your generosity ever? Mere prayers won’t suffice. Forgive me. I seek your guidance for a better me along the way. 

Yours sincerely,