A dragon fly came across,
Where the light was just white.
How unusual to be in a manner,
Where the yellow light has just fade away.

Looking at her or him I can’t determine the gender.
But definitely, it was a dragon fly for sure.
The wings were just so carefully embroidered.
The cloth and the thread was transparent.

Yet its shine was magical; emitting all the colors.
When the yellow light shines.
I want to be a dragonfly.
And gave it a moment to sink in.

After a while the thought just disappeared and so did the fly.
But for a while it made me feel special,
Help me believe in this wide spectrum of world being small at the same time.
You don’t see a dragon fly; everyday

However, we can choose to be just like one.
One that shines with the right conditions.
What are the right conditions?
Maybe…. The one’s when you are able to see the colors under the fading light.

Where the sparkle of the light gives you magical wings.
So, when you see an another dragonfly.
You get reminded about how special and beautiful you are from within.

Be a dragonfly when you don’t have to win.
Because you are the dragon and you can fly.
This is all you need to win.