Dear morning people, 

This post is for all of you who wake up at 5am, 6 am or the later few who wake up at 7am. 

Please stop bragging about your morning rights. I am proudly an “afternoon person” coined during the pandemic as a perfectly acceptable human to be. 

Yes I know you may think you get more done than the rest of us, you may even be entitled to whatever the morning has to offer (I’m not sure what that is, as I’ve never awoken before 9am) but I can tell you life on the later side is equally enjoyable and fulfilling. 

I may wait in lines a bit longer for my morning chai, but by the time I get the chai it’s a tried and true formula. The sun is bright and shiny by the time I wake up, not a rising crescent.  Meditation and call to God begins around 10am, I am sure He/She still hears me loud and clear. 

I look up to you in awe, you morning people, you know who you are. Can someone explain the unnecessary judgement towards those of us who nap less, maximize our time in shorter days and work smarter 😉 

My ode to morning people, 

Please just let the rest of us sleep in peace.