My dear, I hope you are doing great. I know this word great has lost somewhere in this world. But you can found that you know. Life can be hard; day can be bad but don’t lose hope. You know what sometimes we become so harsh on our self that we forget to see goodness in everything. Just one bad act of somebody makes us judge the whole world in a same way. My dear I know people has hurt you with their bad words and actions but let it be. They are showing what they are from inside but you have to be who you are.

You know sometimes we want to slap that person or want to express our anger to them for leaving us or for their actions. But if we do what will be the difference in us? If that person meant to be in our life that person will come we cannot force anyone to stay in our life.

We cannot blame others for our emotions. We are responsible for ourselves and they are responsible for themselves. So that great word is their only inside us just look around. Forget about others just live with yourself and live for yourself. We cannot waste our life by depending on others. Feel free to take your own decisions. I don’t say all decisions will go right but all decisions will not go wrong also. So just be yourself. Live your life. You are your own first then of anyone else.

Thank you,

Your own friend,

Riya om