Dearest COVID 19,


We love you. I swear we do. We all do. Maybe others won’t be able to tell you but I swear we all love you.  And that too, to the core dude.


Before we get into the debate, about your origin, let me tell you, you are divines blessings on the planet. For if it wasn’t for your sake, how would mankind realise its grave mistakes. We have been running after money & success, but dude, hats off to you for sending the whole damn world on a long long holiday. You made many of us realise the true effort and hard work of our domestic maids. You helped us connect with each other, like never before, for it is you who told us, what if there is no tomorrow, for any of us. The so called, humanity has truly been awakened by you and only you.


The Divine, the poor fellow, the forgotten one, was truly started getting acknowledged and remembered for all the help which he can always bestow.


For few LOCKDOWN blessed moments, many of us could think, what truly matters, and what never did. Maybe we might not be able to take our promotions and the new iPhone with us, to our graves, but we’ll surely be able to take the priceless moments with us, full of LOVE, hugs and the tearful goodbyes. Maybe the 12 hour workday and the night work schedules can buy a fancy 5 star meals but it might not be able to buy us some more time with a loved one who is stuck with you, Mr. MEAN. 


Dear Coronavirus, have you ever realised that for once, all of us, stood together, fought together and will also continue to win together against YOU. Dude, thank you for making all of us realise, how strong we all truly are.


You are the result of all our HARD WORK put together, for if you didn’t made the sky fall and the earth shatter beneath us, how would we have realised, THAT WE CAN TRULY FLY AND CONTINUALLY AND MAGICALLY DEFEAT YOU!!!


So a big thank you DEAREST VIRUS, try rising against us all, next time.