When I went to the Ashram for the first time, I was craving to meet only one person. Almost everyone desires to meet Prabhu but I wanted to see Sadhvi Vrinda Om Ji. There was this yearning in me to see her. My heart sank when I got to know that she was not in the Ashram at that time. I felt like a forlorn child.

But within a month after my first visit, I once again went to the  Ashram. This time, I not only met Prabhu but Sadhvi Ji as well. Her ever glowing smile and charismatic aura was enough to melt my heart. She truly is my Professor Mcgonagall. Here is a little thank you note and a poem for her.

Dearest Sadhvi Ji,

I want to thank you for your sweetest and tightest hugs. I want to thank you for answering my weird questions. I want to thank you for understanding me. I want to thank you for guiding me during my stressful time.Your messages gave me strength, courage and hope.

She walks among the slits of light that pass between the horizon and the sky,
She paints their colors with her laughter and delight in the smallest things.
She is the builder of worlds, of hearth, of home, of love,
The thread of her strength holds so many lives together.
She is like the seasons or tide- steady and rhythmic.
She is divinity that walks the earth.
With loyalty untold, beside this marvel of divinity,
She is the holy feminine trinity that graces the world with her smile.

Pic Credits : Anand Ji