My humble salutations to our Beloved Master. May Mother divine protect Him always.  My heartiest thanks to os. family members who constantly shower their love and compassion to each other and who always are giving valuable information and wisdom to every one. I am really grateful to be a part of them in this life and cosmic play of the potent energy.

                                                                  I was doing my sadhna today evening and suddenly the word “death” came into my mind. I focused sometime on the word. As you can say my mind diverted for some seconds to this word and i felt that I want to write something about it. Honestly I am no sadhak who actually know what exactly is death. What happens after death? There are many answers. We all know the answers despite of the fact that we have never experienced. We believe. We trust. Somehow we also relate death to ghosts and spirits. I remember my mother tells me an old story when her grand mother died. The day she died  , my mother was coming to a  room where rice and grains used to kept. Suddenly she saw her grand mother was coming from a corner and stood in front of her. My mother was scared to death and shouted like  anything and ran from there. She felt it was the ghost of her grand mother.  Any way… whatever it was.. we can never really tell what happens after death.  Only Swamiji and other self realized Masters can answer them.  But my point is different.  Somehow death is beautiful.  Although the process might be painful sometimes.. But it is necessary because otherwise life will have no meaning. There will not be any differentiation  . Day and night; sunrise and sunset; sun and moon summer and winter; light and darkness.. almost everything have got their own description and beauty.  So as it is with life and death. The way we are trying to be mindful to life , I feel we should also be mindful to death also. I mean to say that when death comes we should embrace it and tell it that thank you very much for choosing me because then i am going to see beyond now.  

                                                                     I know with death comes the pain of separation. We all know.  I myself get very disturbed sometimes when I think of separation from loved ones.  It is actually hard. I mean if we are full of love then we cry also bitterly.  Because somewhere down the line after death we never able to see that person or animal again no matter what. To us they create a mystery.  Tears come not because of death but because we know it in our heart that we will never see them in the same physical form. Separation almost kills us.  But to know beyond one must change .May be it is the same with deathless saints.  May be they won death by consciously going beyond death and see far..

                                                                    In my limited idea I scribbled about it. Please enlighten me more with your ideas. I would love to know. Personally I do not tolerate separation easily.  love you family