People don’t die just like that. They leave us of two reason,
i) The world become irrelevant to them.
ii) They become irrelevant to the world.

This is hard to say how one shall die. Our loved ones live because they have hope that tomorrow will be better. “Just one more day. I shall do better”. This is the one common thing. How about that tomorrow never comes and present never dies? Person start becoming empty and shallow. It makes us understand we die because our loved ones do not love us anymore. When we are tired of waiting and have no hopes left. Life just become irrelevant. We become irreverent. We wonder as there is nothing to hope for. Nobody is hardly bothered about our existance. It is when god cannot see our pain anymore. He calls upon us, and we die.

Maybe, by being dead to someone it might bring the honor, the respect and the person back to his/her loved ones.