Says Ramayana :  To have a great family, try becoming like SriRam, Lakshman, Bharat, Dasrath, Kaushalya, Sita, Urmila, Hanuman, Anajana

Replies Mahabharath: To have a great family, Never be like Dhritrashtar, Duryodhana, Dushashana, Shakuni, etc. 

Ramayana says: Look at the peak of Ravana’s lust overshadowed is virutes. 

Replies Mahabharath: what about the shameful dance of greed and Ego of Duryodhana, a great warrior.

Ramayana says: Jealousy of Surpankha towards the beauty of Sita gave birth to Ramayana’s war.

Replies Mahabharath: Duryodhana’s Jealousy of Arjun and Bhima’s power gave rise to Mahabharat’s war. 

Ramayana says: Let Go of small things in life and you will find success. 

Replies Mahabharath: Let go of bigger issues  and you will find the way out of stress. 

Ramayana says: The story’s end is peaceful and positive….. There is hope

Replies Mahabharath: The story’s  end leave people with pity and disgust of war 

Ramayana says: Starting with pity for Rama’s Vanvasa  and it end with celebration of Ramrajya…. As if it started with a dark night to end in a joyful dawm.

Replies Mahabharath: Starting with Glorious kingdom of Pandu, it ends with pitiable condition of a war… As if it started at the Dawn only to end up in a dreadful dark night. 

Ramayana says: Destiny led Rama to 14 years of vanvaas, fought Ravana. It was his efforts that got him the victory and kingdom. Efforts change the destiny. When Krishna in Geeta preaching said , “Do your Karma and leave the results to me.” he emphasised on Karma. 

Replies Mahabharath: Even Krishna couldn’t avert the war with all his efforts. Destiny overrides the efforts. When Krishna in Geeta preaching said , “Do your Karma and leave the results to me.” he emphasised that Destiny’s power over karma. 

Just like night follows the day to end up in night which again begins in a new day, Destiny overrides the karma which rewrites the destiny only to redefine the karma. Caught in the cyclic nature of destiny and karma…. the only choice we have is on the karma we do…… destiny anyway is already written and only chance we have is to rewrite it is by doing our karma. 

Get up !! Gooo…. they are calling you for the game…. You are late as usual, My wife was loud and clear. I was jolted out of my thoughts and this post…..Karma was calling and my destiny was showing me the way. Suddenly, it was clear!


Debate between ramayana and mahabarata. Part2 2


Now, there was no…….. doubt. 

Destiny is my …….old account.

Karma, the new …….deposit amount. 

from which newly added destiny …. sprouts. 

but sometimes, the old account…… discounts. 

Unaware of which, I ……….shout, 

Why me god? then I …….. rebound. 

believer of karma and……. a devout, 

at his command, I………..scout. 



Credits to the writings of Acharyasam Pujya Shree Chandrashekhar Vijayji Maharaja 

and to my wife for bringing the clarity in shortest possible time. 😆😆😆

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