Decision making is a part of management and it influences every function of the management such as organising, directing and controlling.


To every proposal for a problem which comes as a responsibility before management there are so many alternative solutions.


The manager is to analyse all those alternatives, compare and evaluate them and then choose the best alternative. This choice is known as decision making.


 In Other words decision making is defined as The selection based on some criteria of one behaviour alternative from two or more possible alternatives.


 characters of decision making


The best alternative

Rational selection

Decision making in the job of the management

Decision may be positive or negative

Time and psychological factors in decision making

Participation in decision making

Communication of decisions


Decision making process is an important and integral part of the management process.


Firstly recognise the problem and then we have to analyse the problem.

For every problem there should be a solution and after recognising and analysing there is generating alternatives. Then we have to evaluate that alternative which we are selecting. How to work according to that, choosing the best alternative which will help us best for us then implementation of the decision takes place this whole process follows and vise versa 



Problems in decision making


Variety of situations, circumstances ,reasons ,emergencies may lead to problems in decision making.


When there is a lack of information, decision makers give the full information about the decision situation. Decisions whenever taken in the absence of complete information are likely to be wrong . 


Decisions are made keeping in mind the personal interest of the majority which is not fair because every person throws his weight in favour of Doors alternative which seems to serve his own interest the best. 


The decision makers have to analyse all the environmental factors and situations along with the other information made available and correctness of decision .


A decision is required to be taken at the most opportune time, any decision taken before the time or after the time does not serve any purpose. 


Decision making is a very big task. We have to do it the best one to make our business graceful. 



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