Dear,Amazing readers of,if we are supposed to make a list of positive and negative emotions of our mind then we might end up preparing a list placing, Compassion,Love, Humility, Empathy as positive ones whilst placing,Envy,Anger,Sadness,Lust as negative ones.

Just for a second;if we are able to break our conditioning and place all emotions in one category and in the other category we will place our Mother Divine or Universe (or any other name;you wanna give)

Let’s start decoding each and every emotion and try to find out their purpose and why they are being called as positive and negative?


Why does jealousy makes its way? Or it doesn’t make its way…we made a way for him to come(you’ll understand this after reading full post).

Just tell me one thing.We all have two hands.Have ever your one hand feel jealous of other?Or Have ever your mind differentiate between the two?…like if there is a similar wound on your left hand as on your right hand then is it possible that your mind will say that on left portion it will react different in comparison to right portion.It will feel equal pain from both sides.

So,How does Envy arises?

It’s simple-It arises because of the notion of duality that is present in our mind.That yeah,I am a particular human being named ‘A’ and this guy is someone other named ‘B’ and in this pursuit we become highly self-centred and completely ignored the Cosmic Law Of Interconnectedness.

So,Envy is just a gentle reminder that you are not any different from other.You may look different;You may think different but in reality we exactly are made up of same elements as others.

So if we are connected to The Source and saw every other physical body is looking exactly similar to our physical body.It’s like all faces and physical structure of every human being is same(like all boys just have one face).All are just replica of you but due to their conditioning and environment and interests,they developed their own inner body(their emotional-self).

So, the situation is each and everyone look alike but not think alike.Do we still hate;or feel jealous of someone who is nothing but me(replica of mine) with different conditioning.Is it still possible to hate him/her?

So,if Envy is there,you are looking yourself as one entity not as a whole giant body.So,we can define this particular emotion as negative because due to this we are failing to see Universe as a whole or to realise  or to meet our Divine Mother.

But,we can also define this emotion as positive because it tried to remind us-Go back to the Source;Go, experience that state of peace because a jealous mind can never experience peace.


Coming to our next emotion,Anger.It is a product or a result of being not able to see whole Universe as one entity.If everyone is me then to whom I need to show my anger? yeah, I can still show my dissatisfaction but not in the form of anger(We can cover more on this topic;here I am just touching it)


I have almost a revolutionary view regarding this.If you guys will show interest in it then we will discuss it in detail later.

Now talk about God like qualities..

God-like qualities-

Why compassion, empathy,love, humility is regarded as God like qualities?

Because they always make us connected to everyone unconditionally and make us grounded.That’s what Nature did….Don’t you think so?…So,if we practice these qualities in abundance then we can realise God easily and they are termed as God-like qualities.


We all have God like qualities which we call our positive emotions…rest all emotions are creating by ourself due to ignorance,due to lack of knowledge.We don’t need to label them as negative emotions rather we must try to understand the origin and nature of these emotions.We don’t have to ignore them.Don’t you think so?..When they arise in our consciousness…we don’t have to battle them…we just have to do a little chat with them…okay dear!…look I know your nature…and beleive me they are nothing in front of Truth.

Special Message

When we are crossed with any person who are struggling with jealousy or their selfish nature.We don’t need to hate them and condemn them rather we must feel sad for them…like..look this guy haven’t know the taste of bliss yet..(वो घृणा के नही, बल्कि दया के पात्र है)










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