Often I think how the definition of personal freedom has always been changing. Over the years as we grow in age, our aspirations of freedom and liberty change contours. As youngsters, we strived for freedom from our excessively controlling parents and teachers. In adulthood, we wanted financial freedom and freedom from the boss and long working hours. As we grow further we want to get liberated in terms of familial duties of parenting and nurturing. As we stare at the afternoon of our lives, we may think of getting freedom from excessive emotions, expectations, impulsiveness, and mental clutter. The definition becomes wider as we mature – includes external as well as internal freedom.

We don’t know what freedom we will crave for tomorrow. For each of us, it could be different. But if you contemplate on this it is like traveling different places, as you move from one place to another you discover new things. And sometimes you wonder why did I not come here earlier? Similarly, when we meet someone and like that person, we start feeling why did it not happen earlier?  Primarily our lack of experience makes us see only that place/ person whom we know. We sort of stay in the time warp till the time we go beyond that space and time. As we advance in age and see more places, meet new people, the definition and perspective change, so does the type of freedom we crave for.

Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash