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The karma done by a person can be grouped into three categories

Sanchit karmas
Prarabdha Karmas
Aagami karma ,
Explanation :The horoscope shows the sanchit karma – balance of fruit done in the past births ( like a balance sheet of past , good and bad deeds, out of these sanchit Karmas , the result of some Karmas , which are known as prarabdh , it is like a string in the neck of a cow which allows the range of eating of grass .
Our Prarabdh is predefined based on our Past life . This is the reason the status of every individual is indifferent .
Agami karma – The Karmas which are being done in this present life and we get the fruit of it , we get the fruit based on the consequences of our action .
The most remembering point is that our life is governed by our past and present Karmic Account and we have to settle in this birth only only at any cost . Then we can get MOKSHA- liberation of this life , no incarnation

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